Scaling in the Mexican Silicon Valley

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Yes, the West Coast may dominate the global tech scene.

Moreover, Silicon Valley as we all know has a reputation for disruption.

Likewise, be careful what you wish for because are you genuinely ready to handle it.

For example, wearing the crown as the worst place in the United States for finding affordable housing, is not ideal branding or channel marketing.

Furthermore, famously generous tech salaries in Silicon Valley are not enough to compensate for expensive housing and high tax burdens.

For instance, think about this reality.

Twitter employees, as others report, earning $160,000 feel like they’re barely scraping by; meanwhile, residents making six-figures can qualify as “low income” and receive subsidies.

Now there’s a new headline, Adam Rowe reports.

Most importantly, tech talent is increasingly leaving the Bay Area for more cost-effective tech hubs.

Change or Be Changed; Disrupt or Be Disrupted


Innovations, as I have written elsewhere, are disrupting Mexican Silicon Valley business models likewise, operating capabilities and processes just as they are everywhere else in our global communities.

Not to mention leadership roles and employee jobs in organizational life.

Talent development, and likewise, talent management is not only affected by this disruption but also critical for developing the Guadalajara metro area infrastructure, including maintaining city life with the migration of populations into this digital city.

These optics are the new normal, and no longer the exception in the Guadalajara metro area, affecting companies organizational life cycles, diverse yet inclusive cultures, and emerging interactive leadership communities networking throughout Our Global Village.

Change or Be Changed


This behavior is forcing companies in Guadalajara, again like everywhere else in our global business communities to counterbalance.

For example, counteract or minimize disadvantages in business elements such as organizational capabilities and processes with strengths in another such as talent development and talent management.

As a result, there is a rich source of IT talent, remarkable scalability, and unique coordination between local agencies and stakeholders in Guadalajara.

Moreover, these elements have and are producing the region’s top performing location.

However, is it sustainable?

Disrupt or Be Disrupted


This new normal occurring in Guadalajara requires transforming disruption into opportunity.

Key to surviving in a world of disruption, as John Kotter claims, is changing the game internally in companies.

As a result, the need for transformative change and organizational renewal is growing as fast as is the thinking on disruptive technology, the use of disruptive technologies in education, and digital cities.

The Mexican Silicon Valley, likewise, is an excellent example of this optics.

Global value chains in the Guadalajara metro area just as they are elsewhere are being reshaped by rising demand, new industry capabilities, and waves of new technologies.

However, I raise the same issue with Change again or Be Changed.

Is this Disrupt or Be Disrupted occurring in the Guadalajara metro area, sustainable?

Why Guadalajara?

Plaza Guadalajara y Palacio Municipal

To start with, Guadalajara is one of the largest economies in Mexico, and likewise, the second largest for population and GDP. This Mexican city is home to about 5 million inhabitants.

Furthermore, Guadalajara exports $21 billion today; in five years, as others report, will it be $100 billion?

Above all, Guadalajara is becoming one of the most important cities in Mexico for cost-effective tech hubs.

As a result, companies with dozens and even hundreds of people are churning out more than $21 billion worth of tech products being exported all over the world.

“Itexico,” for example is a company with its headquarters in Austin, Texas, regional US office in Silicon Valley and SoCal, and wholly owned delivery centers in Guadalajara, Aguascalientes, and Cancún, México.

Since its’ founding, iTexico has experienced 500% growth while maintaining strong investments in today’s technology platforms and delivery capacity.

These are just some of the reasons why Insights Without Borders (IWB) is scaling a strong presence in Guadalajara and will be doing so as well in Mexico City and Monterrey.

Potent Mix of Innovation and Multicultural Experiences

TECH-ILA: Innovation, “al Estilo Jalisco”/

IWB always strives for vested relationships over contract negotiations.

We value the compelling mix of innovation and multicultural experiences we are building with our alliances, collaborations or partnerships.

Furthermore, we dive deep to discover insights without borders and have the courage to act on them.

Likewise, our global footprint allows us to build collaborative bilingual high-performance teams of specialists quickly:

  • Advising clients across industries.
  • Expanding clients digital and analytical capabilities.
  • Supporting companies or organizations operations.

We realize the great opportunity that is in front of us.

There is a fantastic talent pool that is available and is growing in Guadalajara, State of Jalisco, and Mexico.

And likewise, there is the mindshare revolution that is unfolding.

With these optics in mind, we are scaling the IWB offices in Guadalajara and elsewhere in Mexico, as a way to leverage great Mexican talent in collaboration with us, to deliver unsurpassable services using disruptive solutions.

Given these elements, here are just a few of the critical reasons why IWB is passionate about accelerating, activating and delivering talent and technology ecosystems and solutions by mixing resources from both our countries.


Photo by Bruno Cervera/Unsplash

A share of mind, or Mindshare, as I promote in IWB, is about creating ideas: thoughts, beliefs, dreams, impressions.

Above all, innovation thrives in dense and highly collaborative environments and ecosystems.

Mindshare, Nikos Acuña says, is about pioneering unknown territories — for instance, new ideologies that will shape the future.

Furthermore, Mindshare makes it possible for companies to move forward with dispatch — in other words, promptness, and efficiency; sending someone or something to a destination or for a purpose.

What Happens Without Mindshare?

Failure of nerve, generative inheritance of learned helplessness, and excessive specialization in the creed: Trust Your Neighbors, but Brand Your Stock.

We get infighting, backstabbing, and all manner of dysfunction.

In contrast, Mindshare in cost-effective tech hubs, such as the Mexican Silicon Valley, is producing a creative and transformative shared experience where government subsidies and affordable talent are attracting foreign tech giants.

Talent Development and Talent Management

Credit: noche de ideas oracle mdc guadalajara/

Jalisco ranks first for job training centers in Mexico.

Moreover, Guadalajara is the central inflowing city of Mexican talent in the western region.

  • Jalisco holds 40% of the IT industry in Mexico with more than 650 specialized companies generating 100,000 jobs.
  • The average age is 25 in the 7.9 million people who live in Jalisco, Mexico.
  • The inhabitants are well educated — 16 technology institutes, 12 universities, and 8,160 technical and engineering graduates every year.
  • Nearly 6,000 of this cohort specialize in high-tech.

Diverse Economy

Mexico headquarters in Guadalajara/

Companies represent different industry sectors, such as agro-industry, information and technology, biotech, and automotive.

  • 62% of the IT workforce resides in Guadalajara including specialized infrastructure for facilities.
  • There are more than 35 design centers, software development centers, R&D centers, and continuously emerging tech incubators.

Also, several of the biggest IT companies, including more coming in, are setting up shop in Guadalajara.

Examples include Toshiba, IBM, HP, Oracle, Cisco, and Intel in this growing portfolio.

Likewise, other smaller firms nearby including auto manufacturers, and outsourcing firms offer opportunities for collaboration in the Guadalajara business landscape.

Furthermore, some of the biggest players in software development centers include Softtek, Luxoft, Tacit Knowledge, Wizeline, Tiempo Development, and EPAM systems.

Assignments offer opportunities to work with international client bases, and likewise, are inspiring growth in collaborative Mindshare, talent development, and talent management.

Tech Events

Guadalajara Chapter/

IWB is collaborating on similar interests and opportunities with some of the most important tech events networking with highly qualified international practitioners and professionals.

As a result, throughout 2019, IWB will be collaborating on, hosting or supporting tech meetups and communities including inflowing our practitioners and professionals into other cities such as Mexico City, Monterrey, Pueblo, and Queretaro.

Startups and CoWorking Spaces

Guadalajara – Puerta Del Hierro

IWB is focusing on attracting and working with tech startups in the Guadalajara metro area because of the opportunities the Government in Jalisco, angel investment firms, and incubators are offering.

IWB’s agile infrastructure in scaling international, regional offices and coworking spaces provide opportunities to host meetups.

To focus on sharing ideas and identifying opportunities for collaboration with freelancers, startups, and companies of all sizes.

As a result, our regional offices in Guadalajara, empower IWB practitioners and professionals to collaborate with local HR companies on recruitment and staffing.

These partners provide us with skilled bilingual IT expertise, designers or back office practitioners or professionals to collaborate as members on our high-performance teams working on our projects.

IWB’s Portfolio on Collaboration in the Mexican Silicon Valley

You can analyze the past, but you need to design the future. That is the difference between suffering the future and enjoying it. — Edward de Bono

IWB is a global consultancy firm with unique approaches, processes, and tools to uncover systemic problems impeding our client’s successes.

We dare to ask questions that matter, whether they can be quantified in traditional ways.

Don’t like something?

Change it before it changes you.

Psychological mindedness, critical thinking, and human-centric intervention empower stakeholders to achieve agility and adaptability in this, Our Global Village.

The brilliance lies within.

Multiple worldviews, mental models, mindscapes, and cultural differences exist amongst all of us as do creative ways to bridge them.

Organizational Change Management (OCM)

Credit: annatodica

The new normal requires transforming disruption into opportunity.

Here is how IWB is scaling with its alliances, collaborations or partnerships with freelancers, startups, and companies of all sizes.

  • Creating or enabling new value propositions.
  • Changing underlying economics — for instance, not only in big companies but also ones from any size, any industry, and any country.
  • Disrupting or in essence deposing tiresome business models.
  • Creating sustainable innovation streams (innovation portfolios).
  • Accelerating the speed of disruption for overcoming resistance.

Process and Human Performance Improvement

We all know or soon realize traditional training is only about 5 to 10 percent effective in obtaining meaningful performance results (sustainability performance).

As a consequence, other approaches are needed.

IWB’s process and human performance improvement (HPI) offerings in the Mexican Silicon Valley provides a structure on what can often be a not-so-systematic path.

To begin with, IWB collaborates on identifying human performance gaps and their possible solutions.

Secondly, this approach offers our Regional clients, such as ones in the Mexican Silicon Valley, the ability to measure and evaluate the success of their efforts, and also, eliminating guesswork.

Above all, IWB’s methodologies and processes are driven by business and performance need, for instance, critical business issues (CBIs).

However, IWB does not stop there. The results of differential diagnosis and root-cause failure analysis justify these processes and the performance sustainability our partners achieve in creating long-term value.

Critical Business Issues and Appreciative Inquiry


IWB collaborates with clients to articulate business goals and CBIs, link them to human performance, diagnose the current state of performance in organizations, find the root causes for performance deficiencies, implement solutions, and evaluate results (after action reviews; lessons learned).

Being business focused regarding IWB’s mindshare aligns with having a clear understanding of what an organization’s strategic priorities are including capacity building.

That being the case, IWB’s expertise and work in applying appreciative inquiry help our partners in the Mexican Silicon Valley discover and drive their strength-based approaches and methods for developing and managing performance sustainability.

Determining what they are doing well and then working to leverage these strengths to identify unique market opportunities.

Hidden within challenging presenting problems (blind spots) is one or more opportunities for developing organization performance.

As a consequence, IWB collaborates with its Mexican Silicon Valley partners to bring their identified strengths to these opportunities, and likewise, challenges such as blind spots are transformed.

Agile Collaboration and Coaching

Agility is a continuity issue — responding to changes and the unpredicted while in the flow of activity.

Moreover, the scope and scale of activity heavily condition the perception and potential of agility.

Accordingly, all agility presumes that fast response to a new influence (exceptions, interruptions, sudden pressures) occurs without a loss of continuity or balance.

Under these circumstances, IWB partners with Mexican Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, and companies of all sizes on numerous iterations of reliable “production,” based on frequent and direct feedback about the user experience of the “product,” within known user-defined terms of value.

Moreover, producer-user collaboration and methodological production effectiveness both focus on the capacity of people participants (humans first change) to sustain and gain from efforts in alignment with each other.

Here is how IWB is collaborating with partners.

Credit: Malcolm Ryder/IWB

Leadership Development

Photo by Riccardo Annandale/Unsplash

Practice is 90% physical and 10% mental, and competition is 10% physical and 90% mental. — Mark Spitz

IWB collaborates with partners on achieving breakthrough innovation in holistic and authentic long-term, sustainable humans first change.

Businesses do not need to escape their past, Michael L. Tushman, and Charles O’Reilly adds, to renew itself for the future.

IWB partners with clients in the Mexican Silicon Valley to move away from punching through discrete change projects.

Instead, collaboration projects focus on helping leaders and their employees’ design, govern, and operate companies or organizations in a style that empowers continuous adaptation to ever-evolving Change or Be Changed; Disrupt or Be Disrupted.

IWB’s collaborations focus on human-centered design and leadership in service of human-centric organizations, vision, and missions to co-create environments and ecosystems for all human beings to flourish.

Enterprise-Wide Talent Development and Talent Management

José manuel infante 1428/Unsplash

Doing the right thing. In the right way. For your employees, customers, communities, and our environment.

IWB’s mission for talent development and talent management focuses on bringing together people, cultures, and ideas.

We collaborate with our Mexican Silicon Valley partners on connecting the dots between individual values and organizational efforts.

IWB’s leadership and faculty in our IWB Institute in an alliance, collaboration or partnership with Regional technical institutes and universities are meaning makers and cross-pollinators.

Above all, who are leading positive social change, helping clients and students develop their potential, and promoting this behavior through mindshare, advocacy, and service.

Furthermore, IWB’s collaborations with a tech hub, informal or otherwise, like in the Mexican Silicon Valley, help technology companies thrive by encouraging experimentation.

With this intention, IWB collaborates with its Mexican Silicon Valley partners leading cross-functional teams or vendors on customized learn-by-doing programs.

We also are collaborating on the design, development, and facilitation of instructor-led, e-learning, and virtual professional development courses.

In short, using teamwork such as bilingual high-performance teams to deliver actionable, proactive takeaways to make sure attendees leave with real value.

A business is a reflection of its people,” leadership pioneer Rand Stagen has said. “The people are a reflection of its leaders.” If executives want to transform businesses, he contends, they need to change and transform themselves first.

Please, reach out. I’m looking forward to speaking with you.