We treasure individuals and interactions over the wizardry and magic potions of process and tools, data and technique.


Everyone has stories to tell and everyone deserves a chance to tell their story.

Our culture inspires you—like in our work with clients—to discover and work through your story patterns, and not just the content. These efforts lead to authentic change each and every time.

Authenticity is being true to our personality, spirit and character, and helping show you ways to find and be true to yours. The goal: Treasure our common human journey, as the authors of our own lives.

Don't like something? Change it.


We’re looking for those who strive to create sustainable organizations.

Advisors and practitioners who develop and implement creative solutions in the face of challenging goals. They strive to lead and put people first so they create authentically best places to work.

Our advisors and practitioners have an entrepreneurial spirit — innovative by nature, always working to create new approaches to our mindshare and thinking technologies, services, and products. They apply their psychological mindedness and action learning in client relationships to help discover mokita and blind spots to challenge conventional thinking and solving complex problems in organizations.

Personal impact

Are you hell-bent on giving up assumptions, expectations and comfort zones that hold you back from authentic change?

Do you have deep practical expertise where your experience is extensive and unconventional, and you bring unique real-world perspectives to client engagements?

Do you appreciate we are great at what we do or can do because brilliance lies within each of us?

Leadership abilities

Do you listen to other’s stories and treasure we are all in the human journey, and the authors of our own lives?

Are you passionate about “cultural fluency” growing from open minds and hearts we need to improvise to the surprises that are an inevitable part of the cultural conflict in this, Our Global Village?

Do you always strive for vested relationships over contract negotiations?

Entrepreneurial drive

Are you passionate about knowing expertise does not come from a piece of paper because it is relative, contextual, and comes in many shapes, sizes, and forms?

Are you tired of “rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic”?

Are you passionate about thinking “Fs” are the new “As” — without failures, there is no transcendent thinking or innovation?

Problem solving skills

Do you treasure individuals and interactions over process and tools — not doing innovatively more of the same thing repeatedly?

Do you solve complex problems through an approach that recognizes stakeholders and business as living, breathing organisms and complex adaptive mind-body systems within ecosystems and environments?

Are you passionate about expanding clients, their organizations and stakeholders constricted “bandwidth of insights” about human experience — there is more than one way to tell a story, everyone has a story to tell, and everyone deserves a chance to tell her or his own story?


Build your capabilities, leadership skills, and authentic outcomes

In IWB there are a lot of different roles and human journeys you can take to help change this, Our Global Village. Finding a fit for you is a critical step to help you add value to IWB and our culture.

Business psychology consultants

They apply a mosaic of human psychology expertise, and practical skill sets to groups and larger systems in our process consulting and high-performance teams as a helping relationship.

They help reboot mindshare and performance — break free of normalizing the abnormal as an art form; “rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.”

Discovering the significance of the conscious (visible) and preconscious (hidden) ways organizations, and those who work within them (stakeholders): think, feel and behave, which shape behavior, creativity, and development — Mindshare leads to Market Share.

They expand constricted “bandwidth of insights” on human experience — there is more than one way to tell a story; discover and work-through story patterns, and not just the content; everyone has a story to tell, and everyone deserves a chance to tell her or his own story as the authors of their own lives.

Consulting roles

Generalist consultants work on a range of industries, sectors, and functional areas typically without extensive experience in any one particular area.

Practice consultants focus on a particular area where they have deep work experience, academic training, or personal interests.

Subject matter experts (SMEs) and technical authorities (TAs) work in a function or industry, applying their expertise, practical experience and passion building capabilities, leadership skills, and authentic outcomes.

Research and analytic roles

IWB’s thought communities and communities of practice are a key differentiator within the “herd mentality” of knowledge peddlers in the crowded consulting space. Our global network of professionals empowers our high-performance teams to provide practical mindshare to help solve our clients’ critical problems — rapid access to client-centered customized research and analytics, including specialized expertise in emerging geographic, industry, and functional areas.

As seamless collaborators on IWB’s high-performance teams in client engagements, our research and analytics professionals help fill gaps in developing critical thinking and problem-posing skill sets, analyzing industry trends, or creating psychographic and competitive mappings of landscapes and atmospherics.

Talent and development roles

Our talent and development professionals focus on clients in their performance improvement of the knowledge and skills of their stakeholders. They help IWB offer a range of learning skill sets and opportunities all designed to translate learning into daily business practice around the globe.

Our talent and development professionals focus on capability building in IWB’s client engagements translating this directly into performance improvements on the individual and organizational level. Our approach draws upon adult-learning principals, our global network of coaches, and our implementation consultants, who help organizations across a wide range of industries, build their capabilities to improve and sustain their performance.

Our talent and development professionals help us to promote lasting and significant change in our engagements by addressing issues we often see overlooked in performance-transformation programs — leadership, stakeholder mindsets, and capability building.


“authentic change”

  • We have a very special social way of looking at authentic change. It’s the willingness to be who we are; tell the truth in caring ways; and support the integrity of other’s concerns. The more we self-disclose, become authentic, accept vulnerability, and are truth tellers, the safer others will feel doing the same.

  • We have chosen to use this term to emphasize our commitment to shared experience and breaking down barriers as the key to organizational health and success. Whether it’s work-life balance, organizational alignment, high performance teams, or quality management, the secret is authenticity across all these boundaries. When people work across functions with authenticity as their core value, they produce change that works for everyone. Done this way it looks, feels, breathes, and sounds different every single time. Brilliance lies within each of us. We don’t get the benefit of that brilliance unless trust is high and the barriers are down so all freely contribute authentically to the work.

    This level of trust does not occur in unsafe settings. We work closely with our clients to create that safety.

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  • When we’re all on the same page we have mindshare. Then we can have authentic shared experiences, collaborative innovation, collective intelligence, even creation of collective consciousness.

  • Getting mindshare is what makes it possible for an organization to move forward with dispatch. Getting it, opens new ecosystems and environments of innovation, intellectual and emotional capital, and thought equity, a place for commerce of both the heart and mind. Without it we get infighting, backstabbing, and all manner of dysfunction. Working with our clients we seek to achieving mindshare through creative and transformative shared experience.

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  • In English translation, mokita is “the truth we all know but agree not to talk about.” It is a word taken from a language called Kivila and spoken in Papua New Guinea. Several concepts in the English language related to mokita are the “elephant in the room” and the “polite fiction” where everyone is aware of the truth but pretends to believe some alternative version to avoid shame, embarrassment, or conflict.

  • We introduce this term because we must challenge mokita. It is the only way to put an end to the truths we all know but agree not to talk about. It can do a great deal of damage to individuals, climates and cultures in organizations because we do not address the actual problems or work on the needed solution. Instead, we end up working on things that will make no difference, wasting time and resources. We believe that working with our clients, we can overcome mokita.

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