originality is overrated: a toast to the masters of creative ‘borrowing’!

Interest in IWB’s innovative work since 2015 remains strong, having introduced transformative concepts in change leadership and human-centric change, like sensemaking and mindshare. IWB has expanded these ideas with global communities and special interest groups. As we prepare to launch significant updates on these concepts, we are moving beyond traditional change management models.

It’s somewhat flattering to see others now “grazing” on these concepts, especially those who initially dismissed them as outlandish. As IWB prepares to launch substantial updates on these evolving processes, approaches, and methodologies, including frameworks, next week and beyond, we’re moving well beyond time-honored, change management models that have now run their course.

Isn’t it delightful to see creative masterminds at work, meticulously crafting something original only for it to become the hottest new trend in the free-riding community?

Welcome to the world of “IWB—Intellectual Work Borrowed”! Here, innovation is just another word for search, copy, and paste. Why waste time brewing your own insights when you can sip on someone else’s hard work, served ice-cold with a twist of no credit given?

It’s the perfect strategy for those who adore shortcuts. Why climb the mountain when you can helicopter to the top and plant your flag, pretending you scaled the heights? After all, in the age of information overload, who’s going to notice one more echo in the chamber? Originality is so last century!

But wait, there’s more! If you act now, you won’t only save on mental exertion; you’ll also get to bask in the glory of accomplishments not your own. Remember, it’s “strategic borrowing.”

So, hats off to the free-riders, the unsung heroes who take the road frequently traveled, who boldly go where many, many have gone before. You are the wind beneath our copied wings, proving that imitation isn’t just the sincerest form of flattery—it’s an entire business model!

For those intrigued by what once was considered outlandish and dismissed, welcome. Here’s your opportunity to spend some time and see it first-hand. We’ve been busy pushing the needle in a different direction in the optics and landscape of organizational human-centric change. To see others now grazing and looking for ways to get themselves out of a corner they painted themselves in? It’s quite flattering.

Explore our foundational work through downloads like the IWB Manifesto and IWB Truth Tellers and Mind Shifters introduced over nine years ago. Don’t miss our free e-book, “Transforming Organizational Change: Change or Be Changed—Disrupt or Be Disrupted,” which began our focus on sensemaking, mindscapes, and mindshare in human-centric change.

Transitioning from change management to change enablement is akin to swapping out bifocals for a shift in strategy and a fundamental change in perspective. It’s about broadening our viewpoint, not only to foresee but also to shape the horizon. This evolution advances from reactive placeholders to proactive trailblazers, shifting focus from safeguarding the past to unlocking the future.